Headshot of Professor Dogucu. A woman with curly, short, ear-length hair with green eyes and red lipstick. Headshot of Professor Shahbaba. A man with short black and gray hair wearing a pink and white verrtically striped shirt.
Dr. Mine Dogucu Dr. Babak Shahbaba
she/her/hers he/him/his

Teaching Assistants (TAs)

Headshot of Alicia Becerra Romero. A woman with curly, dark long hair and brown lipstick. Headshot of Kyle Conniff. A man with short hair who has a smile and a dimple wearing a sports jersey that says 13 and Los Angeles Headshot of Thabat Dahdoul. A woman with wearing light purple hijab with a smile and dark pink lipstick.
Alicia Becerra Romero Kyle Conniff Thabat Dahdoul
she/her/hers he/him/his she/her/hers